Definition of actioner in English:



  • A film predominantly consisting of exciting action and adventure.

    ‘the James Bond actioner ‘Goldeneye’’
    • ‘The result is a complete break from the yakuza films and actioners for which Kitano is known.’
    • ‘You're a very versatile filmmaker: you've done romantic comedies, populist farces, police actioners, gangster operas, special effects dramas, art films, serious dramas.’
    • ‘And none of these pieces of acting struggles against the film's plot demands or the narrow sensibilities of the actioner.’
    • ‘If average actioners are your thang, then go right ahead.’
    • ‘The filmmakers’ attempt to stretch the boundaries of the crime actioner is to be applauded.’
    • ‘The result is a generic actioner, in which a gravel voiced man-mountain grabs some guns, smokes cigarettes and blows up stuff.’
    • ‘For the most part, the flick looks okay, displaying that ‘soft’ look of most C-grade video actioners.’
    • ‘Originally envisioned as an actioner built on lurid violence, including a swamp attack by huge vampire bats, the original film so turned off MGM executives it was almost entirely reshot from scratch.’
    • ‘Perhaps the film's biggest problem is that it strands itself between the cleverness of the source material and the idiocy of a summer actioner - a mess that's sure to satisfy no one.’
    • ‘The whole mystery-gemstones-as-nuclear-fuel angle feels ripped off from a grade-B sci-fi-flick, and out of place in an urban actioner.’
    • ‘Anyone looking for an old-fashioned western will be pleased, but those looking for a two-gun actioner should try something else.’
    • ‘A blockbuster in France, this car-chase pic may be as boneheaded as any Hollywood actioner but the vehicular stunts are far wilder than anything in The Fast and the Furious.’
    • ‘Not the 2002 charmer starring Dennis Quaid; rather, a straightforward actioner, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.’
    • ‘In today's ultramodern world of multigenre hybrids and high-intensity actioners, titles with strong ties to the past are a rarity.’
    • ‘A recent study of three genres of motion picture prints shows a marked differences in the hormonal responses of men compared to women when viewing a romance, an actioner, and a documentary.’
    • ‘Another European actioner filled with double and triple crosses, this looks no better or worse than the others of its ilk.’
    • ‘Otherwise, why not rent a comedy and a martial arts actioner and watch them separately?’
    • ‘You might not think that's much of a compliment, but the movie is a good, solid actioner, and I wouldn't fight my nephew if he decided he just had to see it next week.’
    • ‘Sense is the first casualty in this over-blown actioner.’
    • ‘This robots-on-the-rampage actioner won't be everyone's cup of tea but I was mesmerised.’