Definition of active duty in English:

active duty


  • 1Full-time service in the police or armed forces.

    ‘In May 1940, the service recalled him to active duty for the wartime emergency.’
    • ‘You're not allowed to blog about the war critically if you are an active duty serviceman over there.’
    • ‘But there are nearly three million active duty service men and women and millions more veterans.’
    • ‘Either could have landed him on full-time active duty for two years, potentially in Vietnam.’
    • ‘With twenty-four years of active duty service, Harris is well suited to speak on these matters.’
    • ‘He completed law school at Cleveland State before starting full-time active duty in 1989.’
    • ‘Naturally, the active duty combat arms troops got the most, and the reserve combat support troops for the least.’
    • ‘Congress must do its duty by providing for the defense of the country with an active duty force.’
    • ‘Well, folks, I received this from an active duty officer with experience in the field.’
    • ‘They are meeting to discuss here what the active duty military will be doing in this operation.’
    • ‘Everyday the Coast Guard Auxiliary assists the active duty Coast Guard in many capacities.’
    • ‘It's also offered a new 15-month term of enlistment for the active duty force.’
    • ‘I am off active duty now and am currently a full-time student, and my major is healthcare administration.’
    • ‘Since her initial enlistment she has served on active duty, in the National Guard, and the Army Reserve.’
    • ‘This mother of two continues to serve on active duty in the war on terrorism.’
    • ‘There are more National Guard troops on active duty now than at any time since the Second World War.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the first issue of the Green Book coincided with my starting on active duty in 1964.’
    • ‘Latona relates what he saw to his time on active duty in the Air Force when he served in Africa.’
    • ‘Thousands of soldiers will be spending Christmas away from their families while they are on active duty across the world.’
    • ‘First of all, the Department of Defense has over a million troops on active duty, plus another million in the reserves.’
    1. 1.1The playing of a direct role in the operational work of the police or armed forces as opposed to doing administrative work.
      ‘Officers due for suspension have often in practice remained on active duty at the same police station in which the offence was committed.’
      • ‘An initial tour in the Army could consist of time spent in the National Guard and on active duty.’
      • ‘Officers continue on active duty and receive all regular pay and allowances from the Army.’
      • ‘We don't plan on having an Army Reserve where every Soldier is on active duty every day.’
      • ‘For this analysis, the information from the four officers on active duty was deleted to avoid skewing the results.’
      • ‘While on active duty, he served two tours as a military advisor in the Republic of Vietnam.’
      • ‘When he enlisted in the Air Force, Sergeant Hitt went on active duty.’
      • ‘For Teilman, it's a way to stay active without being on active duty.’
      • ‘Many service members have purchased homes or used real property to secure loans before they enlisted or came on active duty.’
      • ‘Being on active duty, we have to meet the minimum time requirements as well as have a current passing physical fitness test.’
      • ‘More than 100,000 members of the Guard and Reserve are serving on active duty.’
      • ‘Add the demobilization process on their return, and they can expect to be on active duty for at least nine months.’
      • ‘Some officers involved remain on active duty in command of troops.’
      • ‘This would include keeping the officer in question on active duty, but transferring him outside of his previous unit.’
      • ‘This service is available to members of the military who are on active duty.’
      • ‘This equates to more than 1,000 Police Officers unavailable for active duty.’
      • ‘Nationally three retained firemen have died within the past three years on active duty.’


active duty

/ˈaktiv ˈd(y)o͞odē/ /ˈæktɪv ˈd(j)udi/