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  • Relating to actuaries or their work of compiling and analyzing statistics to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

    ‘an actuarial consulting firm’
    • ‘faulty actuarial assumptions’
    • ‘Social Security reform has been a tough slog for the business lobby, normally more at home discussing golf outings than actuarial tables.’
    • ‘The group's leadership continues to deny the hard realities about which trustworthy actuarial studies warn us.’
    • ‘In 1983, actuaries put the long-range actuarial deficit at -2.09 percent of taxable payroll.’
    • ‘Too conservative or too aggressive actuarial assumptions can produce unreliable results.’
    • ‘In determining the actuarial surplus in a pension fund, actuaries make key assumptions.’
    • ‘Projections of actuarial soundness based on forecasts of productivity growth run the risk of being very wrong.’
    • ‘The last actuarial valuation on its pension fund was undertaken more than two years ago.’
    • ‘There is an inherent uncertainty in any actuarial estimates of asbestos liabilities.’
    • ‘Each valuation shall be obtained as soon as reasonably practicable and shall be accompanied by an actuarial statement pursuant to the regulations.’
    • ‘It is a mistake to suppose that the actuarial figure for life expectancy will be the actual length of life for any particular individual.’



/ˌak(t)SHəˈwerēəl/ /ˌæk(t)ʃəˈwɛriəl/