Definition of ad blocker in English:

ad blocker

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  • A piece of software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on a web page.

    ‘I'm about to give up and install an ad blocker’
    • ‘If a reader really hates the ads, she can install an ad blocker or simply ignore them.’
    • ‘By using an ad-blocker, you are depriving the website of revenue.’
    • ‘The browser offers a downloads-manager and a pop-up ad blocker.’
    • ‘I'd recommend that if people like free services and enjoy certain websites, they should disable their ad blockers on these sites.’
    • ‘Security and browser performance are the two big reasons that I've been using an adblocker.’
    • ‘Nowadays, surfing the web without an ad blocker has become a nightmare.’
    • ‘I have flash and ad blockers installed on my browser.’
    • ‘I can see people disabling ad blockers just for that site.’
    • ‘The only reason I've installed ad blockers is because the ads get in the way of my content or divert my attention!’
    • ‘Some sites already make it impossible for some users of ad-blockers to view videos.’