Definition of ad valorem in English:

ad valorem

Pronunciation /ˌad vəˈlôrəm/ /ˌæd vəˈlɔrəm/

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  • In proportion to the estimated value of the goods or transaction concerned.

    • ‘the subsidy may be calculated ad valorem as a specified percentage of the price per unit’


  • (of the levying of tax or customs duties) proportionate to the estimated value of the goods or transaction concerned.

    ‘ad valorem stamp duty at the rate of 1 percent is payable’
    • ‘Property ad valorem taxes are the major source of revenues for state and municipal governments.’
    • ‘The Tax Collector merges the non ad valorem assessments into the certified tax roll.’
    • ‘They pointed out that while most minerals had fully ad valorem rates of royalty at present, iron ore, limestone and dolomite had tonnage-based royalty.’
    • ‘Texas residents who own property which is subject to ad valorem taxation by Amarillo Junior College District and their dependents shall be eligible to enroll at the tuition rate for resident students.’
    • ‘Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative recently made payments of $694,221.54 in ad valorem taxes to city and county governments in eight counties in its service center.’
    • ‘We find that unit taxes lead to more firms in the industry, less output per firm, less tax revenue, but higher welfare compared to ad valorem taxes.’
    • ‘The ad valorem property tax is levied each October 1st on the assessed value listed as of the prior January 1st for all real and business personal property located in the city.’
    • ‘Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide for limitations upon the rate of increase of the assessed value of real property for state, county, municipal, or educational ad valorem tax purposes?’


Latin, ‘according to the value’.