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  • 1The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

    ‘adaptability is an advantage in the harshly competitive global economy’
    • ‘the adaptability of cod to climate change’
    • ‘Here, the singer can show off the adaptability of his voice.’
    • ‘Their long reign stems from their adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions.’
    • ‘Results showed that no critical thinking differences existed between students of different leadership styles or adaptability.’
    • ‘The vital quality of any military force is less its weapons than the skill, courage, and adaptability of those who employ them.’
    • ‘The versatility and adaptability of our soldiers came through loud and clear.’
    • ‘The flexibility and adaptability of human behavior is because of human biological nature and not in spite of it.’
    • ‘More than anything, he learned the trick of adaptability in business.’
    • ‘The person must learn adaptability, service, and consideration for others.’
    • ‘Enzymes continually surprise scientists with their remarkable adaptability to extreme conditions.’
    1. 1.1The capacity to be modified for a new use or purpose.
      ‘the formal beauty and adaptability of plastic’
      • ‘The all-weather adaptability of the shelters makes them an excellent fit for the army's need for rapid deployment in any environment.’
      • ‘Classifying games according to age and sex is rather impractical, due to the adaptability of many games to all ages and both sexes.’
      • ‘The key features of a city-center church are availability and adaptability.’
      • ‘The wind power industry has been transformed by dramatic breakthroughs in efficiency, economy, and adaptability.’
      • ‘A major advantage of these polymeric sheets is the degree of adaptability with regards to shape and size.’
      • ‘Aim to improve user experience and improve the adaptability of your financial management processes.’
      • ‘This kind of smart adaptability is one of the great features of the software.’
      • ‘Network users are increasingly concerned with the adaptability, simplicity, and security of networks to serve their individual needs.’
      • ‘The adaptability and flexibility of the courseware make it well suited for use in both Internet-based and long-distance learning courses.’
      • ‘Thalidomide is another product displaying great adaptability following its disastrous launch as a sedative in 1958.’



/əˌdaptəˈbilədē/ /əˌdæptəˈbɪlədi/