Definition of add insult to injury in English:

add insult to injury


  • Act in a way that makes a bad or displeasing situation worse.

    ‘to ask our members to accept a pay cut adds insult to injury’
    • ‘And it's not just the money - bad pay just adds insult to injury.’
    • ‘Mixing your drinks adds insult to injury and increases the amount of toxins you have to cope with.’
    • ‘It is already hard enough to sit in a traffic jam without Begg wishing to add insult to injury by asking motorists to pay extra for the inconvenience.’
    • ‘To add insult to injury, the transport authority also attempts to increase bus fares and eliminate the monthly pass.’
    • ‘The site should be reopened, the hoarding is appalling and adds insult to injury.’
    • ‘This latest £4 million loss just adds insult to injury.’
    • ‘For Scarlett himself, the architect of that mistrust, to be promoted into the top job merely adds insult to injury.’
    • ‘The fact that nobody has accepted responsibility for this adds insult to injury.’
    • ‘Adding insult to the injury, it appears that not only is Red incapable of singing, he also apparently can't speak English.’
    • ‘Adding insult to injury, the banks have the gall to say that consumers are to blame.’