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add up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Increase in amount, number, or degree.

    ‘watch those air miles add up!’
    • ‘Although the money from the Government is not a substantial amount, if everyone chips in the total can add up very nicely.’
    • ‘As I was watching the money add up I realised I was having to invoke some serious self control.’
    • ‘Migoto watched as the fish added up quickly, and then quickly turned, walking down the bank the opposite way of the men.’
    • ‘Simple actions like turning off the light when we leave a room or boiling only the correct amount of water for a cup of tea all add up.’
    • ‘But don't forget interest adds up quickly on unpaid and underpaid amounts.’
    • ‘Although the expense is only B700 per dog, this amount, multiplied by 1,000, adds up.’
    • ‘Companies don't raise their dividends by a huge amount each year, but it adds up over time.’
    • ‘That's a lot of money spent on gas and whatever amount can be saved definitely adds up over time.’
    • ‘Police now are making this suspect a priority, since the occurrences are increasing and the costs are adding up.’
    • ‘The amount of caffeine in these tea extracts can add up quickly, and is often not listed on the label.’
    • ‘We kept the rifle shooting and the amount of rounds through it started to add up.’
    • ‘They all add up, and insurers have a sneaky way of increasing renewal premiums each year, banking on your apathy not to move provider.’
    • ‘Because while all the wicked things he did added up, it still won't equal what I will do.’
    • ‘It takes so long and with so many short stories the cost can add up.’
    • ‘Then there's the work on the sewerage and the water it all adds up.’
    • ‘A running toilet can be a simple thing to fix, and water savings add up quickly.’
  • 2Perform the process of calculating the total value of two or more numbers or amounts.

    • ‘I wonder how many people get ripped because they can't add up’
    1. 2.1add something up, add up somethingPut two or more numbers or amounts together to calculate their total value.
      ‘they added all the figures up’
      • ‘adding up the scores, we have 1690 and they have 880’
  • 3usually with negative Seem reasonable or consistent; make sense.

    ‘many things in her story didn't add up’
    • ‘Once you start to apply this guiding principle, then a lot of Peel's seemingly baffling eclecticism begins to add up and make sense.’
    • ‘Nothing adds up, nothing makes sense but anyone with any love for the genre will be astounded by its inexplicable energy and consistency (if they don't dismiss it after the first listen).’
    • ‘I just wanted to say that your web site and explanation of world news makes sense and adds up at the end of the day.’
    • ‘Nothing adds up or makes sense and the plot descends into complete mayhem and rage.’
    • ‘Neither the president's math nor his moral reasoning adds up.’
    • ‘But this story did not add up and the friend became the chief suspect.’
    • ‘But on further prodding he realises there's more to this than meets the eye, as their story doesn't quite add up.’
    • ‘We simply do not believe the story, because the story does not add up.’
    • ‘So, like I said, something does not add up about the nandrolone story.’
    • ‘But Garner's story doesn't entirely add up on the page, and it doesn't on stage either.’
    make sense, seem reasonable, seem plausible, stand to reason, stand up, hold up, hold water, bear examination, bear investigation, be verifiable, ring true, be convincing
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