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  • 1Unable to think clearly; confused.

    ‘this might just be my addled brain playing tricks’
    • ‘a drug-addled hell-raiser’
    • ‘Two flights and 12 hours later, my addled brain finally hits my own pillow exactly 24 hours after rising in Brussels.’
    • ‘The problem had something to do with their addled lead singer's curious notion of what constituted a promotional radio appearance.’
    • ‘Let's be honest, a huge number of songs are virtually incoherent usually due to the artist's addled brain.’
    • ‘I'd already lapsed into a pleasantly dreamy, addled state.’
    • ‘The dish tasted good, even in my addled state.’
    • ‘Slowly my addled mind managed to make sense of this phenomenon.’
    • ‘Being in a different place for a while helped my addled mind.’
    • ‘If your addled brain cannot focus on the real work at hand, busy yourself with menial tasks like cleaning, filing and arranging.’
    • ‘All this might sound like the product of an addled brain, but it is not as detached from political reality as it seems.’
    • ‘She and her mother are incredibly close, both having suffered at the hands of her drug-addled father.’
    • ‘But here you have it: possibly the lamest, most appalling show any coke-addled television executive could dream up.’
    • ‘Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) almost steals the entire film as a foulmouthed, drug-addled rocker trying to rejuvenate his singing career.’
    • ‘And yet he has a modicum of charm and a world of vulnerability beneath his gruff booze-addled exterior.’
  • 2(of an egg) rotten.

    ‘A high prevalence of infection observed in addled eggs of various free-living species suggests that trans-shell infection is prevalent in the wild.’
    • ‘Addled eggs will remain unhatched.’
    • ‘On July 19, 2003 a non-viable, addled osprey egg was collected from a nest at the northern end of Upper Richardson Lake in Richardsontown Township in western Maine.’
    • ‘An addled eagle egg was recovered from an abandoned nest along the Androscoggin in Lewiston and submitted to analytical labs for contaminant testing.’
    rotten, off, decayed, decomposed, decomposing, putrid, putrefied, putrescent, mouldy, mouldering
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/ˈad(ə)ld/ /ˈæd(ə)ld/