Definition of addresser in English:



See address

‘More specifically, it examines ‘how addressers construct linguistic messages for addressees and how addressees work on linguistic messages in order to interpret them.’’
  • ‘Poetry then embraces the failure of communication in terms of masses, but not between individual readers and writers, addressees and addressers.’
  • ‘The directedness of the relation between addresser and addressee arose with regard to oral and written communication and can be expected to reemerge with electronic communication.’
  • ‘Some languages, such as Japanese, have elaborate systems of pronouns to mark the relationship between addresser and addressee.’
  • ‘She jumped, shrieking as she quickly swung around to face her addresser.’



/əˈdresər/ /əˈdrɛsər/ /aˈdresər/ /æˈdrɛsər/