Definition of adenylate in English:



  • A salt or ester of adenylic acid.

    • ‘Although this general reduction of adenylates concentration might suggest an impaired respiratory process, this seems to be unlikely as AEC was fairly constant throughout drought levels.’
    • ‘Both the extent and kinetics of changes in the adenylate energy charge in response to low O 2 are used as indicators of tolerance to hypoxia and/or anoxia.’
    • ‘Energy-related parameters measured were fermentation end-products (ethanol, lactate, alanine), respiratory rate, ATP, adenylate energy charge, nitrate reductase activity and biomass.’
    • ‘Later, a similar topology was also found for other plastidic transporters, for example, the adenylate translocator and the hexose translocator.’
    • ‘These results suggested a close interaction between plastidial adenylate transport and starch biosynthesis.’