Definition of adigar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈadɪɡɑː/


(also adikar)
  • 1In the (former) kingdom of Kandy in Sri Lanka: (a title of) a chief minister and royal adviser. Subsequently (during British colonial rule): an honorary title.

    The honorary office of First Adigar fell into abeyance upon the death of the most recent incumbent in 1963.

  • 2Generally. Elsewhere in Sri Lanka and in southern India: any of various ministers or officials; a headman or chief.


Late 17th century. Partly (originally) from Portuguese adigar person in authority, governor, one of the chief ministers of the Kingdom of Kandy from Tamil atikārī (pronounced/adiɡaːriː/) from Sanskrit adhikārin person possessing authority, governor (from adhikṛ- to be placed at the head, to be at the head, to superintend from adhi- over, above + kṛ- to put, place, specific use of kṛ- to do).