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  • 1The action or process of adjudicating.

    ‘the matter may have to go to court for adjudication’
    • ‘We have not had a reply, but if they do not respond, we will carry on with our adjudication.’
    • ‘Geneva does put some constraints on the handling and adjudication of detainees, but they were meaningless restraints.’
    • ‘Thus, there is going to be an adjudication to this that will have to address the economics.’
    • ‘The following day, the defendant, having good reason to believe that Mr. Smalley had not been duly appointed, withdrew from the adjudication.’
    • ‘However there have been protests from parents against high levels of selection - leading to adjudications from the government's admissions watchdog.’
    • ‘Barrett wrote on 13 October disagreeing, but having made its position clear, participated in the adjudication.’
    • ‘In its third report, published in April 2000, the anti-corruption commission identified over fifty such cases for adjudication.’
    • ‘Transboundary disputes are rather more likely to be suitable for adjudication or arbitration than global or regional environmental problems.’
    • ‘The purpose of the adjudication is to enable broad justice to be done between the parties.’
    • ‘The process of adjudication involves a preliminary recommendation by the secretariat of the Authority to which the "advertiser" is invited to respond.’
    • ‘A party to a construction contract has the right to refer a dispute arising under the contract for adjudication under a procedure complying with the scheme.’
    • ‘Articles 5 and 6 both deal with the promptness with which an adjudication must proceed against criminal defendants.’
    • ‘He said he wasn't attempting to prohibit debate on the report, but rather asked for restraint pending adjudication by the courts.’
    • ‘" There cannot be two channels for adjudication.’
    • ‘A current example, still under internal adjudication, relates to a Canadian medical student who was failed in his obstetrics rotation for his statement that he would not do abortions.’
    • ‘The process of adjudication involves not only the taking of the evidence but the formulation of the reasons for decision.’
    • ‘Any construction agreement, as defined by the Act, that does not contain adequate provision for adjudication will be subjected to compulsory contract terms imposed by statute.’
    • ‘Simply, no constitution, not even the hugely long ones, can resolve all the issues that come before the courts for adjudication.’
    • ‘The dispute was not validly referred for adjudication under the contractual provisions.’
    • ‘Rule 17 of the Procedure gave Mr. Lester a discretion as to how to conduct the adjudication in this case.’
    arbitration, refereeing, umpiring
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    1. 1.1A formal judgment on a disputed matter.
      ‘an adjudication had found a degree of unwarranted infringement of privacy’
      • ‘With the demise of organized militias, they contend, the right lost any relevance to constitutional adjudication.’
      • ‘Lady Howe, the Chairman of the BSC and the Chairman of the panel which made the adjudication, provided an affidavit.’
      • ‘And the writ of the habeas corpus was the proper process to bring the subject before the Circuit Court for its adjudication.’
      • ‘The almost ontological scope for bureaucratic warfare between the White House and the State Department can only be successfully managed by firm presidential adjudication.’
      • ‘But people are looking for a revitalisation of arbitration with a fixed timetable as a result of their experience with adjudication.’
      • ‘The World Bank has laid stress on dispute resolution outside the court and minimising the number of pending cases in adjudication.’
      • ‘In 1978, Ireland became the first State to bring an inter-State complaint (against the United Kingdom) before a regional court for adjudication.’
      • ‘The methods for co-ordinating Commission and national adjudication will be considered below.’
      • ‘Unfortunately they do not accept the holiday season as a valid reason to set back the question of adjudication.’
      • ‘I certainly reject any submission that Dyson J. held that the rules of natural justice do not apply to adjudication.’
      • ‘The final clean up before the Tidy Towns adjudication will be on Monday 14th June at 7.30 pm.’
      • ‘If the violators choose deferred adjudication, the judge typically increases the length of deferral by several months.’
      • ‘After the first adjudication, Tramore was placed 14th out of the 29 towns competing.’
      • ‘The book then moves on to the law and paralegal adjudication of family matters.’
      • ‘Their adjudications were neither for public consumption nor scholastic disquisition.’
      • ‘The picture of scientists on different sides of an issue presenting their cases for adjudication to a group of high school students is too amusing to contemplate.’
      • ‘I must decide whether in the circumstances of this case there was an implied agreement between the parties that the Adjudicator should have jurisdiction to award costs of the adjudication.’
      • ‘The Claimant did not refer any dispute as to its entitlement to payment to adjudication, in its Notice of Adjudication or in its Referral Notice. "’
      • ‘All the local groups would enter a one-act play and whatever adjudication they received, good or bad, they usually took it all in good spirits.’
      • ‘Industrial action should not be used on rights issues at all because arbitration or adjudication can test the correctness of these decisions.’



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