Definition of Adullamite in English:



  • A member of a dissident political group (originally applied to a group of British MPs who seceded from the Liberal party in 1866).

    • ‘Yet many proponents of universal suffrage were just as deluded, in their own way, as the Adullamites who clung to their rotten boroughs as if civilisation depended on them.’
    • ‘He and his Adullamites worked with the Tories to prevent the bill and ultimately bring down the government.’
    • ‘The Adullamites are dangerous, because they know what they want; and that is, all the money there is going.’
    • ‘Francis was a lively young spark who hobnobbed with Wentworth, Wardell, Mackaness and other Adullamites whom Darling detested.’
    • ‘James Woodward, pastor 1840-70, brought back the Adullamites, and the members at Turrett Place, promoted temperance and social work and started a mission church at Horns Village.’
    • ‘The Adullamites in politics have their representatives in theology, and they are so uncertain in the use of their weapons that their friends have more reason than their foes to be afraid of them.’


Adopted in allusion to the cave of Adullam, where those discontented with the rule of Saul came to join David (1 Sam. 22:1-2).