Definition of adult education in English:

adult education


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  • Educational programs or courses for adults who are out of school or college.

    ‘I also see that Kingston Council is running some adult education courses from the end of September.’
    • ‘The spring adult education programme will commence on January 27th in Westport Vocational School.’
    • ‘During the day, York University and the WEA host adult education classes at Guppy's.’
    • ‘Over the years I have taught college humanities and poetry courses and the occasional adult education class.’
    • ‘They also work with other adult education programs to provide classes in English as a second language.’
    • ‘His mail turned out to be a bulletin of adult education courses.’
    • ‘Learning Freeway coordinator Dawn Cooke says she hit upon the idea of football coaching after struggling to get men to sign up for the adult education courses.’
    • ‘It now offers a new four-year nursing degree to add to its other BA's, MA's, higher diplomas and adult education courses.’
    • ‘She prepared her portfolio and then did an adult education course focusing on three D work such as carpentry and paint effects.’
    • ‘And men and women returning to study, enjoying a hobby or learning a new skill would have fewer adult education courses to choose from.’
    • ‘Many cities and towns have literacy councils and adult education programs.’
    • ‘An array of adult education courses will be starting in St. Catherine's Community Centre in January.’
    • ‘The Open University has been kicking around for over thirty years and most Universities now have their own adult education programs.’
    • ‘You will find multiple Jewish schools, a Yeshivah and a string of adult education programs.’
    • ‘I would like to suggest an adult education course in critical thinking to them.’
    • ‘The service for helping school governors has been built up, and the number of adult education courses has risen.’
    • ‘Education was one of his main passions and it was due to the dean that the cathedral was used for adult education courses.’
    • ‘Check out local adult education courses for photography courses if you're completely new to it.’
    • ‘Today, thanks to mandatory schooling for children and adult education programs, the rate is over 75 percent.’
    • ‘You might try enrolling in adult education courses to learn about a new hobby or to engage in more formal academic studies.’