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advance man

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  • A person who visits a location before the arrival of an important visitor to make the appropriate arrangements.

    ‘Of course, some advance men might foresee the possibility of bad weather in the Midwest in early November…’
    • ‘It turns out that it was one of his advance men.’
    • ‘The shopping trip was coordinated by one of the politician's advance men.’
    • ‘The advance man would be followed a week later by a crew of four - including ‘Elliot Forbes’ and two ‘nurses’ - to actually manage the film during its run.’
    • ‘We had - we had an advance man of mine, an Hispanic guy in the state - earlier primary state - I'm not going to tell you which one - who got stopped.’
    • ‘I was there when he was doing his first original entry into politics, he was an advance man for his presidential campaign.’
    • ‘An advance man suggested, ‘Maybe we ought to go to the reception for Leah Rabin.’’
    • ‘And a young advance man beckoned to me, told me to get into his pickup truck, and said that someone wanted to see me.’
    • ‘You have an advance man who attends every dinner who comes and tells you if there are any problems.’
    • ‘You have an advance man on the ground making sure that everything is running smoothly.’
    • ‘The trick isn't very difficult, and the magician - who's been in business for many decades, doesn't even do it very well - but he doesn't have to, because he has the believers already deceived by his advance men.’
    • ‘At each stop Hart's advance men made sure of a reception by supporters and local news media, and the media never gave the lie to their pictures of the candidate surrounded by the enthusiastic crowd.’
    • ‘Caterers, technicians and advance men were setting up an informal mix of a press conference and Texas style barbecue.’
    • ‘During 1999 and early 2000, he worked as a volunteer advance man for more than a dozen of the politician's town hall meetings in New Hampshire and South Carolina.’
    • ‘Now we cut to a party advance man being followed down the street by 3 cameras, being asked where the leader of the party is.’
    • ‘I know it was attributed somehow to some ingenious advance man from staff.’


advance man

/ədˈvans man/ /ədˈvæns mæn/