Definition of advanced degree in English:

advanced degree


  • A postgraduate degree, especially a master's degree or a doctorate.

    ‘Of the 1132 female respondents, 148 had earned an advanced degree (Master's or above).’
    • ‘Given that the majority of female college presidents hold a doctorate, an advanced degree may actually be a prerequisite or screening type of variable for top administrative positions.’
    • ‘If you decide to go back to school, whether for another degree or an advanced degree, you should already be clear about what you'd like to accomplish.’
    • ‘Whether a teacher has a master's or other advanced degree appears to count only in science and math.’
    • ‘A technical degree or advanced degree is not essential to work in the aerospace industry.’
    • ‘Each year Dietitians of Canada, in partnership with corporate sponsors, recognizes members who are centering a dietetic internship program or pursuing an advanced degree at the master's or doctoral level.’
    • ‘About 90% of blog readers have college degrees and an astonishing 50% have advanced degrees.’
    • ‘For officers, of course, it was a different story around 90 percent had university degrees, with nearly 40 percent holding advanced degrees.’
    • ‘Today, 90 percent of the staff members have 4-year degrees, and 27 percent have advanced degrees.’
    • ‘Salaries for those with advanced degrees far surpass those of graduates with bachelor's degrees.’
    • ‘Virtually all of them have advanced degrees, some of which are doctorates.’
    • ‘The rage for advanced degrees has widened to embrace even the doctorate.’
    • ‘However, the data also reveal that more than one-half of Slovak Americans who received a bachelor's degree continued their education and obtained an advanced degree.’
    • ‘All respondents had completed high school, and 42% had completed a baccalaureate degree; 7% held an advanced degree of some kind.’
    • ‘Officers were encouraged to obtain an advanced degree for promotion purposes, but the value of that degree to leadership development was not recognized.’
    • ‘Scholars were more likely to choose an engineering degree even though it requires an advanced degree for a lasting career.’
    • ‘Several detainees have advanced degrees in law, engineering, and medicine from American and European schools like the University of London.’
    • ‘Sixty-five percent of our jurors have advanced degrees.’
    • ‘In 1975 workers with advanced degrees earned 1.8 times as much as high school graduates.’
    • ‘She has advanced degrees from Columbia and Penn in literature and cognitive science, respectively.’