Definition of Advanced Placement in English:

Advanced Placement


usually as modifier
  • 1 trademark in US (in North America) a high school course that teaches material ordinarily intended for college students.

    ‘Advanced Placement English and chemistry courses’
    • ‘Also, many high schools offer advanced placement courses that count for college credit.’
    • ‘Every high school will offer advanced placement courses in English language arts, mathematics, foreign languages, social studies and sciences.’
    • ‘Newsweek's magazine survey listed Frederick Douglass Academy as one of the top public schools in the country, based on the number of advanced placement courses it offers and the students' grades on the AP tests.’
    • ‘Azinger points out that concurrent enrollment offers students the opportunity to complete college-level work when their own high schools do not offer advanced placement courses.’
    • ‘Based on their performance on AP exams, students can earn college credit, advanced placement, or both.’
    • ‘As a result, department chairs are free to regard a work of literature as among ‘the most popular’ even if only the students enrolled in an advanced placement course actually read the work.’
    • ‘Last year, I received a grant to work with high school advanced placement students at Chattahoochee High School in Alpharetta, Ga.’
    • ‘It seems to be designed to help high school students study for advanced placement exams, and each topic contains study guides, resources, and links to primary sources.’
    • ‘Rachel was bright and hard working, took straight honors and advanced placement courses, and was involved with the orchestra, the honor society, the choir, and the school musicals.’
    • ‘They have programs that include the National Honor Society, languages, advanced placement courses, music and art programs, sporting events and field trips.’
    • ‘Louise Dudley, a school spokeswoman, says that the analysis fails to take into account such things as extracurricular activities and advanced placement courses.’
    • ‘He has done presentations for groups as different as first graders, high school advanced placement biology classes and senior citizens.’
    • ‘And of course my colleagues and I strongly favor elective science courses like advanced placement and more.’
    • ‘My 17-year old son Joe just got his certificate last night for completing his advanced placement course in Mathematics.’
    • ‘Iroka was by far the youngest of the advanced placement students, the other 5 being on their last year of high school.’
    • ‘The students were advanced placement biology students who helped conduct the study and analyze the collected data.’
    • ‘She took advanced placement courses at her Somerset County, Md., school and studied hard.’
    • ‘Lysacek has graduated from Neuqua Valley High School, where he was taking advanced placement classes, but took off last year because his move to California left him no time to apply to California colleges.’
    • ‘They want advanced placement teachers getting higher pay, those that have experience in math and science, those that are doing the best in the classroom.’
    • ‘Elementary math scores slipped and advanced placement tests were below the national average in over half of the states using high-stakes resting.’
    • ‘She scored above 1400 on her SAT's and has taken several advanced placement classes.’
    • ‘His first class was Advanced Placement World History.’
    • ‘She now teaches advanced placement United States history at Hicksville High School in New York.’
    • ‘The abolition of Advanced Placement classes will not affect the breadth of students' knowledge base.’
    • ‘She took advanced placement courses at her school and studied hard.’
    • ‘Many high schools offer advanced placement courses that count for college credit.’
    • ‘Eight Advanced Placement psychology students presented projects on adolescent health topics.’
    • ‘A group of five or six Advanced Placement students were also seen talking to the principal about their grievances.’
    • ‘He took honors classes and Advanced Placement.’
    • ‘Classes ranging from Advanced Placement to world languages may not be available in areas with lagging local Internet connections.’
    1. 1.1A standardized test taken by high school students, for which they may receive college credit if they pass.
      ‘the only calculus class offered at his school was geared to the easier of the two Advanced Placement tests’
      • ‘ Advanced Placement examinations in thirteen subject areas are administered by the College Board.’
      • ‘Students will still be able to take the Advanced Placement exam in any subject.’
      • ‘To help prepare my statistics students for the Advanced Placement test, I recently gave them the following question.’
      • ‘The College Board recognizes several levels of exceptional achievement on Advanced Placement exams.’
      • ‘Last year, only one student in your state took the Advanced Placement test for computer science.’
      • ‘Scholarships are awarded to students in each U.S. state with top scores on the Advanced Placement math and science exams.’
      • ‘She had been dabbling with programming since she was a kid, and she rocked the Advanced Placement test in high school.’
      • ‘He made national headlines for his perfect score on the Advanced Placement Calculus exam.’
      • ‘He went on to earn the highest marks possible on his final Advanced Placement biology test.’
      • ‘ Advanced Placement scores in biology were 20 percent lower than other schools.’