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Advent calendar

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  • A calendar containing small numbered flaps, one of which is opened on each day of Advent, typically to reveal a picture appropriate to the season.

    ‘Shoppers are becoming immune to the annual invitation to spend all their cash before the first window on the Advent calendar has been opened.’
    • ‘Concealed doors and traps tend to fly open unexpectedly like windows on an Advent calendar.’
    • ‘About half the population will listen to or view the Queen's speech, buy a Christmas tree and have an Advent calendar hanging in the house.’
    • ‘Our friend is in the throes of producing an inspiration-filled Advent calendar and asked us to contribute something.’
    • ‘These days, you can't find an Advent calendar that isn't stuffed full of cheap chocolate with a picture of cartoon characters on it.’
    • ‘We saw a lonely cabin, lights radiating from within like an Advent calendar.’
    • ‘The future 30 per cent discount promotions in the Advent calendar have not yet been published on the site.’
    • ‘The historic City Hall Bonn is transformed into an outsized Advent calendar, where every day a window is lit.’
    • ‘All people need to do is click on the Advent calendar for the day and see what offer lies behind the window.’
    • ‘Leslie's Advent calendar is beautiful, charming and delightful.’
    • ‘I truly think my husband couldn't care less if the kids had no Advent calendar.’
    • ‘Over the years, our family and others living with us have also used an Advent wreath, Advent calendar, and chapters from several storybooks that are set in the time of Jesus' birth.’
    • ‘Looking back, I can see now that it was the Holy Spirit who prodded me to pick up that Bible and Advent calendar six years ago.’
    • ‘It lambasted the organization for not allowing staff to put up Advent calendars.’
    • ‘Christmas cards, wrapping paper, Advent calendars and decorations are on sale in the shop.’
    • ‘I'm experiencing the glow engendered only by eating tiny chocolates - the ones found behind the doors of Advent calendars.’
    • ‘I used to love Advent calendars when I was little - such a simple delight.’
    • ‘Tomorrow is another primary school Xmas lesson and we're going to be making Advent calendars.’
    • ‘Broke out the Advent calendars this morning and got the usual grumpy reaction about the lack of chocolates in them.’
    • ‘She is loving her Advent calendar, mostly because she gets a little chocolate every day out of it, but also she likes searching for the right number for the day.’


Advent calendar

/ˈadˌvent ˈkaləndər/ /ˈædˌvɛnt ˈkæləndər/