Definition of Advent wreath in English:

Advent wreath


  • A wreath of evergreen foliage in which four candles are set, one to be lit on each Sunday of Advent.

    ‘Light all the candles on the Advent wreath, naming the candles aloud: hope, peace, joy, and love.’
    • ‘I walked Main Street from end to end, but could find no source to replenish the violet- and rose-colored candles for our Advent wreath.’
    • ‘The evergreens of the Advent wreath filled our dining room with the smell of the mountains-an untamed place where anything could happen.’
    • ‘Light the hope candle on the Advent wreath, then the peace candle, briefly reminding the children what they mean.’
    • ‘During the month ahead, we are suggesting that you make a spiritual preparation for Christmas: the ritual of lighting candles on the Advent wreath helps us to do this.’
    • ‘Last year, in a book on Swedish customs, we found instructions for making an evergreen Advent wreath.’
    • ‘I will never forget being part of a community where during the lighting of the Advent wreath, the children were asked the question ‘Who are you?’’
    • ‘When I was a child, our nightly family Advent ritual included singing ‘O come, O come Emmanuel,’ lighting the Advent wreath and praying this collect.’
    • ‘We say prayers as we light the Advent wreath, read from Scripture, and discuss the meaning and importance of the Incarnation.’
    • ‘The snow was falling lightly over a scene that could have sprung from a figurinist's fingertips - the house with its weathered path, candled Advent wreath, tendrils of frost creeping down its walls like sugar over gingerbread.’
    • ‘It was our quality time where we would make crafts like homemade candles, Advent wreaths, and of course the annual Easter eggs and Christmas tree decorations.’
    • ‘Hence the lone pink candle that has hung on in some Advent wreaths.’


Advent wreath

/ˈadˌvent rēTH/ /ˈædˌvɛnt riθ/