Definition of adventitia in English:



  • The outermost layer of the wall of a blood vessel.

    ‘The outer layer of veins comprises the tunica adventitia.’
    • ‘The arteries were most susceptible, with bruising of the intima and adventitia and separation of the media from the vessel walls.’
    • ‘There is an intense inflammatory reaction concentrated primarily in the adventitia of this blood vessel with some extension into the tunica media.’
    • ‘Veins typically have 3 layers: tunica intima, media, and adventitia.’
    • ‘The submucosa, muscularis propria and adventitia of the esophagus were normal.’
    • ‘The adventitia is a dense collagenous tissue that merges with the adventitia of the bladder and rectum and is highly vascular.’
    • ‘The pathology findings consist of a cyst of gelatinous contents between the media and adventitia causing luminal compression.’
    • ‘The adventitia was stripped, and the endothelium was removed.’
    • ‘These are superficial lacerations of the intima that do not involve the media or adventitia.’
    • ‘With still greater increases in caliber, a distinct intima, media, and adventitia become recognizable.’
    • ‘They show a distinct so-called adventitia capillaris, a thin collagenous membrane, surrounding the endothelial tube.’
    • ‘These neuroendocrine tumors arise from the adventitia of the jugular bulb or the neural plexus within the middle ear space.’
    • ‘It diffusely replaced and expanded the adventitia of the aorta.’
    • ‘This xanthogranulomatous tissue involved the adventitia of large-caliber vessels and infiltrated the atrial myocardium.’
    • ‘The adventitia contains the cartilaginous rings interconnected by connective tissue.’
    • ‘The perimeters of the airway lumen and of the adventitia subtended two areas.’
    • ‘The adventitia is rich in collagen bundles, and contains some cells that may be fibroblasts or macrophages.’
    • ‘The images span the entire thickness of the vascular wall from the intima to the adventitia.’
    • ‘The diameter of the mass narrowed as it approached the adventitia, which was perforated, and the tumor was present at the deep margin.’
    • ‘A similar sheet of human fibroblasts was wrapped around the media to provide the adventitia.’



/ˌadvenˈtiSH(ē)ə/ /ˌædvɛnˈtɪʃ(i)ə/


Mid 19th century shortening of modern Latin tunica adventitia ‘additional sheath’.