Definition of advergame in English:



  • A downloadable or internet-based video game that advertises a brand-name product by featuring it as part of the game.

    ‘The technology isn't nearly as sophisticated as video games, because most developers outfit advergames to accommodate slow modems.’
    • ‘Who cares how long a consumer plays if the advergame doesn't move product?’
    • ‘However, despite their early stage of development, advergames are already emerging as one of the Internet's most promising ad strategies - and they show little sign of slowing down.’
    • ‘A second way to tailor the advergame is by the location through which the game is promoted - via, say, e-mail marketing campaigns or on Web sites.’
    • ‘To reach this market, the company positioned the advergame on gaming sites within Hispanic portals.’



/ˈadvərˌɡām/ /ˈædvərˌɡeɪm/


Blend of advertisement and game.