Definition of advisee in English:



  • A person who is being advised by someone.

    ‘Statements like these indicate that most advisors are meeting the expectations of student advisees.’
    • ‘Beginning next year, letters will also be sent to a randomly selected group of a candidate's current and past advisees.’
    • ‘The pecking order of policy advisers depends on the power of their advisees.’
    • ‘The chairperson, then, is both a manager and a faculty colleague, an advisor and an advisee.’
    • ‘A third category of comments are critical of the advisor, but possibly are ramifications of advisees being unprepared.’
    • ‘He is active in student advisement with 75-100 advisees.’
    • ‘We may not appreciate how long former students / advisees remember us.’
    • ‘Advisers serve advisees as advocates, guides, and group leaders.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, few professors tell their advisees how to both finish their dissertation and obtain a full-time academic position at the same time.’
    • ‘Some departments use a centralized advising system; others disperse the advisees among the department's faculty members.’
    • ‘Not long ago I bumped into one of my student advisees.’
    • ‘The number of graduate advisees he carried in recent years averaged around 20.’
    • ‘Dan, one of my advisees, caught up with me as I was going to my office in the University Education Center.’
    • ‘He brings a wealth of knowledge to bear in conversations with his advisees.’
    • ‘He still couldn't tell her how he felt because she was still one of his undergraduate advisees.’
    • ‘We ought to feel an obligation to deliver on the implied promise we made to our graduate advisees.’
    • ‘One research advisee of a colleague had found significance, and the colleague spent part of his summer writing the study for publication.’
    • ‘Graduate faculty have many obligations and often have more than one advisee, so you have to really work your end of the relationship.’
    • ‘‘The dialogue is so important between the adviser and the advisee,’ says Moore.’
    • ‘a) What is the precise relationship between advisor and advisee?’



/ədˌvīˈzē/ /ədˌvaɪˈzi/