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  • A person who performs acrobatics high above the ground on a tightrope or trapezes.

    ‘This physically elastic and histrionically pliable performer is as acrobatic on a stage as an aerialist under the big top.’
    • ‘Performed by two aerialists high on towers, it is a tale of friendship shattered when two young women find themselves on different sides in a civil war.’
    • ‘The husband-and-wife team, are professionally trained aerialists who met during a street performers festival.’
    • ‘The aerialists perform in ways unheard of a generation ago.’
    • ‘The circus aerialists perform, hanging from the top of the building, twisting through silver hoops and bright red ribbon.’
    • ‘The festival is a training ground for aerialists, now in its third year, and has well exceeded expectations.’
    • ‘There are trapeze artists, clowns, aerialists and the like, but there are other, darker elements.’
    • ‘One of the shows we attended was a spectacle complete with Olympic-calibre aerialists, gymnasts and dancers.’
    • ‘We are all very aware that this is a dance festival performance, so we aren't thinking of ourselves as aerialists.’
    • ‘The pioneer aerialist and outspoken activist is now aligned with the Santa Cruz program.’
    • ‘The aerialists were breathtaking as they spun and danced through the air, and twisted their bodies around ribbons of cloth hanging down from the ceiling.’
    • ‘The proprietor, Val, has put together a site that should please any aficionado of mammalian aerialists.’
    • ‘Someone I know can't go to the circus, because watching the aerialists gives her vertigo.’
    • ‘Inch by inch, the aerialist in the red flamenco outfit edges her way up a tightrope.’
    • ‘He is a cat-like aerialist; he dives out over the audience, hanging on with only his feet.’
    • ‘The video's an aerialist on a rope, and she's just swinging.’
    • ‘He's a remarkable person, he's more than just an aerialist.’
    • ‘She previously worked as a stunt aerialist, hanging from a flying airplane by her teeth.’
    • ‘‘The sky is my domain,’ the self-taught aerialist explains in charmingly fractured English.’
    • ‘An aerialist twists and plummets on white drapes.’
    abstainer, recluse, hermit, solitary, anchorite, anchoress, desert saint, celibate, puritan, nun, monk



/ˈerēələst/ /ˈɛriələst/