Definition of aerie in English:


(also eyrie)

Pronunciation /ˈerē/ /ˈɛri/ /ˈirē/ /ˈɪri/

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  • A large nest of a bird of prey, especially an eagle, typically built high in a tree or on a cliff.

    ‘At the aerie, under a rock ledge high above, two big gray chicks were still hunched on the nest.’
    • ‘Aristophanes' neck arched above her like an eagle staring down from his aerie.’
    • ‘The King of Eagles carried me to his aerie in the mountains, and left me alone to heal as much as I could.’
    • ‘His aerie of rare birds was haunting and a very clever visual.’
    • ‘Only two companies remain to guard the aerie.’
    roost, eyrie


Late 15th century from medieval Latin aeria, aerea, eyria, probably from Old French aire, from Latin area ‘level piece of ground’, in late Latin ‘nest of a bird of prey’.