Definition of aerobe in English:


Pronunciation /ˈerōb/ /ˈɛroʊb/


  • A microorganism which grows in the presence of air or requires oxygen for growth.

    ‘These bacteria are all facultative aerobes, meaning that they are oxygen tolerant.’
    • ‘Antibiotics must cover both aerobes and anaerobes.’
    • ‘Foot infections in diabetic patients are commonly polymicrobial and may involve aerobes and anaerobes.’
    • ‘Mixed organisms, both aerobes and anaerobes, have been cultured from dog bite wounds.’
    • ‘Bacteria most frequently cultured in this setting include anaerobes such as Clostridium species, and aerobes such as E. coli.’
    • ‘Some strains of lactic acid bacteria are tolerant to salt, enabling them to survive additional salt while the growth of salt-sensitive aerobes is inhibited.’
    • ‘In aerobes with sufficient oxygen, pyruvate is transported to the mitochondrion to undergo further transformations in the Krebs cycle.’
    • ‘By contrast, only 1 or 2 types of Gram-positive organisms are generally cultured in osteomyelitis, almost universally aerobes.’


Late 19th century coined in French from Greek aēr + bios ‘life’.