Definition of aerodynamics in English:


plural noun

treated as singular
  • 1The study of the properties of moving air and the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it.

    • ‘Students study subjects such as aerodynamics, aircraft electrical systems and avionics.’
    • ‘The University of Bath researchers are studying the complex aerodynamics needed to fly very small unmanned aircraft.’
    • ‘Even the great 16th century artist Leonardo da Vinci made studies of aerodynamics and flying apparatus.’
    • ‘Author weaves in accurate scientific descriptions of aerodynamics, electronics, electromagnetics, etc.’
    • ‘Race cars are usually fitted with spoilers and ground effects to improve aerodynamics and thus, its acceleration and fuel economy.’
    • ‘Or did so-called experts so completely misunderstand the aerodynamics of supersonic flight?’
    • ‘The most challenging elements of the new Technical Regulations are in the areas of aerodynamics and engine.’
    • ‘We looked at aerodynamics, electronics and tyres.’
    • ‘Tyres, engines and aerodynamics will be different in 2005.’
    • ‘But the boom in major breakthroughs in the science of aerodynamics had dwindled.’
    • ‘In my view the relationship between grip, aerodynamics, and engine power, we sort of shifted away.’
    • ‘Hence, it must be that the ‘hypothesis’ that aircraft are borne through the air has the same standing in science as aerodynamics does.’
    • ‘In the early 1890's Eiffel gave up the daily management of his business and became absorbed in the new science of aerodynamics.’
    • ‘The No.24 was looking for balance between aerodynamics and mechanical grip.’
    • ‘Their use of a wind tunnel helped define the science of aerodynamics and had influence far beyond their time.’
    • ‘The team has cut up cars and had engineers work on aerodynamics, but nothing has helped.’
    • ‘The science of aerodynamics is all about the flow of air around an object and the forces it exerts on that item.’
    • ‘It is a very cross-discipline technology with elements as diverse as mechanical, electronic and electrical, structural and aerodynamics.’
    • ‘The car incorporates lots of Formula One-style technology, from trick underfloor aerodynamics to special steering wheel controls.’
    • ‘Thanks to class-leading aerodynamics, wind noise is very low, while engine and road noises are also very effectively suppressed.’
    • ‘It's got nothing to do with the efficient flow of air, which is what good aerodynamics is all about.’
    1. 1.1treated as plural The properties of a solid object regarding the manner in which air flows around it.
      ‘the plane has the aerodynamics of a brick once the forward thrust is lost’
      • ‘The fur on tennis balls and the stitching on baseballs also create turbulence, which similarly affects the aerodynamics.’
      • ‘It's just the way these cars are designed with the aerodynamics.’
      • ‘But last week in testing we made some steps forward in terms of tyres and aerodynamics, so we should be strong here.’
      • ‘A pilot needs to understand some basic aerodynamics.’
      • ‘Now there are shoes with anti-gravitational pull devices, shirts with air circulation systems and shorts with built-in aerodynamics.’