Definition of AFAIC in English:



  • As far as I'm concerned.

    ‘AFAIC, you're entitled to your opinion like everyone else’
    • ‘he can do no wrong, AFAIC’
    • ‘Good news is welcome here too AFAIC.’
    • ‘EBay is the best way AFAIC, the cost including postage is negligible, and it comes straight to your door.’
    • ‘AFAIC, I see no immediate solution in a world where companies can't secure their data.’
    • ‘AFAIC, his delays made it harder to pass the bill, too.’
    • ‘Completely disregarding the main concerns in my comment isn't helping AFAIC.’
    • ‘AFAIC the media lost all credibility as the people's watchdog when they decided to pick sides instead of just reporting on the dispute.’
    • ‘Comic book movies are pretty bland, AFAIC.’
    • ‘AFAIC, I question how effective hardline bosses are in the long term when they demoralize staff.’