Definition of affiance in English:



literarybe affianced
  • Be engaged to marry.

    ‘Edward was affianced to Lady Eleanor Butler’
    • ‘But she has affianced her daughter to a promising young man in a prosperous Korean family.’
    • ‘She and Gabriel are affianced, she added as an after thought.’
    • ‘The Council ordered me to be affianced to you.’
    • ‘Yet, it astounded those women that her father had wealth, power, and she had beauty, and she wasn't even affianced.’
    • ‘Ferdinand wished to wed Anna, who was affianced to Edmond.’
    busy, unavailable, occupied


Late 15th century from Old French afiancer, from afier ‘promise, entrust’, from medieval Latin affidare ‘declare on oath’, from ad- ‘towards’ + fides ‘trust’.