Definition of affined in English:



  • Related or connected.

    ‘These findings were largely confirmed for OAS-TL in the plant cysteine synthase complex, where SAT became more affined to its substrates and OAS-TL almost inactivated in the complex, causing OAS to leave the complex.’
    • ‘On the other hand, resources of a species affined to Acorum calamus L. have been discovered.’
    • ‘The Malabar forms are closely affined to Malay types as a rule, although some are peculiar.’
    • ‘A predetermined action is affined with a free current of space; therefore, the fluidic currents combine with the free currents, drawing them into their own propulsive flow.’
    • ‘With this scheme it is possible to have a case where a ready real time task will not get an idle cpu, however, this should only happen if the task has affined itself to some other cpu (s).’



/əˈfīnd/ /əˈfaɪnd/


Late 16th century from Latin affinis ‘related’ (see affinity) + -ed.