Definition of Affrilachian in English:



  • An African American who is native to or resides in Appalachia.

    as modifier ‘Affrilachian poets’
    • ‘There is so much in-depth writing, so much information: forthcoming books deals, the article on bestseller lists, Affrilachian poets… The caliber of writing in this issue is superior, as well as the content covered.’
    • ‘He took the poem with his new term, Affrilachian, to the writing group he met with regularly at the Cultural Center on the UK campus, where he also served as program coordinator.’
    • ‘Moreover, he hopes to see the works of the Affrilachian community flourish to wider audience.’
    • ‘My earlier books address a range of topics, not just my Affrilachian communities,’ the author said.’
    • ‘This special issue of the journal makes an important contribution to this new Affrilachian scholarship.’
    • ‘The power of the Affrilachian Poets in these communities shows that no one person owns the term artist.’
    • ‘Articles about the Affrilachian Poets can be seen in the local paper and magazine.’
    • ‘Focus on the ways in which fiction writers incorporate truths in their fiction and take a personal look at the author's Affrilachian heritage.’
    • ‘‘The thing about Cincinnati that I love - and what Cincinnatians don't realize - is that misplaced Affrilachians live here,’ he said.’
    • ‘She wrote her doctoral dissertation on Affrilachians.’
    • ‘A teacher, educator and Affrilachian writer, he has previously published two collections of short stories.’
    • ‘On December 28 at 7: 00 p.m. there will be a reading at the Center with the Affrilachian Poets.’
    • ‘A Fellow and Affrilachian Poet, she has performed across the country for various causes and events.’
    • ‘He is a founding member of the Affrilachian Poets.’
    • ‘A founding member of the Affrilachian Poets, he is the author of a collection of poems that has recently been nominated for the Public Librarians’ Choice Award.’
    • ‘He also was featured in a 2001 documentary on the Affrilachian Poets produced with support from the Television Fund for Independent Production.’
    • ‘He currently is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University, and is a founding member of Affrilachian Poets, a community-based writing collective.’
    • ‘She has penned a popular short story collection and is a member of the Affrilachians Poets, a group of African-American poets with roots in the Appalachian Mountains.’



/ˌafrəˈlāCH(ē)ən/ /ˌæfrəˈleɪtʃ(i)ən/


Blend of African (American) and Appalachian.