Definition of African horse sickness in English:

African horse sickness


  • A notifiable viral disease of horses, which is usually fatal. It is transmitted by biting insects and occurs chiefly in Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

    ‘A new study finds camels highly resistant to hostile bacteria and to viral diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease and African horse sickness, and are unaffected by BSE.’
    • ‘The deadly African horse sickness, which has restricted the movement of horses to South Africa in recent years, was a cause for concern when considering the stallion's future.’
    • ‘Jerry sprays her horse to protect it from the African horse sickness bedevilling the province.’
    • ‘The prestigious annual Horse Show, for which 117 horses have been entered, is to go ahead this weekend despite an outbreak of African horse sickness in parts of the province.’
    • ‘The outbreak of African horse sickness in this area is cause for concern but is not as severe as previous outbreaks, vets said.’


African horse sickness

/ˈafrəkən hôrs ˈsiknis/ /ˈæfrəkən hɔrs ˈsɪknɪs/