Definition of aftersun in English:



  • Denoting a product intended for application to the skin after exposure to the sun.

    ‘aftersun lotion’
    • ‘Apply a soothing cream such as aftersun cream, calamine lotion or preparations containing aloe.’
    • ‘Apply it neat to sunburnt skin, or for an aftersun lotion, mix six drops of lavender, six drops of bergamot, five drops of camomile and five drops of sandalwood to a plain, base moisturiser.’
    • ‘Remarkably I didn't pack any aftersun lotion for this trip.’
    • ‘Our sunburn is cooling down a lot, we must have used 3 bottles of aftersun and various creams that we got from the chemist.’
    • ‘It's time to dig out the sun cream and aftersun now, the forecasters are promising a heat wave this weekend.’
    • ‘You can also buy aftersun lotions, gels and sprays, which help to cool and moisturise the sun to prevent peeling and blistering.’
    • ‘Lipsalve/suncream / aftersun - obviously this may not be necessary if you are planning a wet weekend in Oban (which actually can be quite fun) but if you are going all transcontinental these really are a must.’
    • ‘It seems that a lot of the manufacturers have decided to combine aftersun care to stop you peeling and burning, with a self-tanning ingredient to help the colour along.’
    • ‘Other handy bits and pieces like plasters, handkerchief, aftersun and a needle and thread can also come in handy, and don't take up too much room.’
    • ‘You'll also need sun lotion for the body (maybe a separate one for the face and lips) and aftersun.’
    • ‘For mild sunburn, apply a moisturising lotion or a special aftersun cream from a pharmacy.’
    • ‘The aftersun range includes the traditional re-hydration and moisturising cream, a modern Aloe Vera variation and a specific sunburn cream.’
    • ‘The moisturiser was designed to help you achieve your maximum tanning potential when used as an after-sun cream to prolong the life of a natural tan.’
    • ‘A faint shimmer makes this aftersun cream as much make-up as it is skin care.’
    • ‘If you do happen to get burnt, apply some good aftersun cream onto the area as soon as possible and seek medical advice if the burnt area blisters or becomes painful.’
    lotion, cream, balm, emollient, salve, unguent, lubricant



/ˈaftərˌsən/ /ˈæftərˌsən/