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  • A concluding section in a book, typically by a person other than the author.

    ‘The book concludes with an afterword describing the developments in the village during the past three decades, a brief historical sketch of the Karen people, and some suggestions for further reading about the Karens.’
    • ‘Again and again writers have explained themselves in a variety of ways: forewords, afterwords, essays, interviews, journal entries, not to mention stories or poems that rework old themes.’
    • ‘This essay is adapted from the afterword of the paperback edition.’
    • ‘The book includes an introduction, seven narrative chapters, four thematic chapters, a short afterword, and two appendices.’
    • ‘A preface would have to make the case before critics read the book, or an afterword would have to cause them to reassess their initial impressions.’
    • ‘He has seasoned all of this with several excellent photo essays, and wraps up his efforts with an afterword and four appendixes.’
    • ‘The film critic and biographer has been commissioned to tidy up the novel and write an afterword to set the book in context.’
    • ‘The collection concludes with an engaging afterword.’
    • ‘As an afterword to the book makes clear, the author, now in his late eighties, remains politically active today.’
    • ‘He wrote in his afterword that the restored edition is worthwhile because it is ‘a novel superior to, more interesting and complex’ than the original published edition.’
    • ‘A friendship developed and they soon collaborated on the first edition of this volume, published in 1982, and now reprinted with a new afterword.’
    • ‘The revised paperback edition came out in 2003 and includes an afterword, on which this article in based.’
    • ‘There are a Preface, Introduction, fifteen chapters, a conclusion and an afterword.’
    • ‘There is a general introduction at the beginning and an afterword to the entire volume.’
    • ‘Included in this work are an afterword, which provides additional information regarding the history of the story, and a pronunciation guide to assist the reader with the language of the Ashanti people.’
    • ‘Also featured is an afterword explaining the text to children and their parents.’
    • ‘Its concluding afterword presents an optimistic vision of future developments.’
    • ‘Surrounded by an introduction and an afterword, the narratives are organized into three sections, with a small prelude to each section.’
    • ‘I wrote an afterword for the first of the benefit books - it was an honour to be able to contribute, and in such sterling company.’
    • ‘In its afterword, he offered it to them as an authoritative text.’
    appendix, codicil, postscript, afterword, tailpiece, rider, coda, supplement, accompaniment



/ˈaftərˌwərd/ /ˈæftərˌwərd/