Definition of against the grain in English:

against the grain

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  • Contrary to the natural inclination or feeling of someone or something.

    ‘it goes against the grain to tell outright lies’
    • ‘Time after time, he's undertaken initiatives which have gone against the grain of public opinion.’
    • ‘When did you last hear a politician genuinely appeal to our higher nature, go against the grain because what they believed in was simply the right thing to do?’
    • ‘I've decided to go against the grain and not have any mixed drinks tonight.’
    • ‘That crazy non-conformist is totally going against the grain by wearing an outfit designed by Wayne Cooper.’
    • ‘Much as it goes against the grain to praise the legal profession in any way, I was reminded earlier this week of one of the benefits of the profession.’
    • ‘We like to find unique clothes that bring out the best in our personalities and go against the grain.’
    • ‘But helping the poor directly would go against the grain of the ruling party's old guard.’
    • ‘For an estate agent, having to talk a house down instead of up goes against the grain, admits Craig Grantham.’
    • ‘Not taking as final the manager's opinion on player purchases goes against the grain in the British game.’
    • ‘Most young people are afraid of not being accepted if they go against the grain.’


    From the fact that wood is easier to cut along the line of the grain.