Definition of agamospermy in English:


Pronunciation /āˈɡaməˌspərmē/ /eɪˈɡæməˌspərmi/ /ˈaɡəmōˌspərmē/ /ˈæɡəmoʊˌspərmi/


  • Asexual reproduction in which seeds are produced from unfertilized ovules.

    ‘Asexual seed production, agamospermy, occurs in >40 flowering plant families but is most prevalent in the grasses, Asteraceae, and Rosaceae.’
    • ‘Seeds are not produced without fertilization (absence of agamospermy).’
    • ‘None of these species set seed through agamospermy or autonomous self-pollination; therefore they depend entirely on pollinating agents for their reproduction.’
    • ‘Both species use a mixed breeding system, consisting of xenogamy, geitonogamy, and autogamy; agamospermy is unimportant.’
    • ‘Within the genera that develop bisexual flowers, agamospermy appears to be present in Sarcandra chloranthoides as well as Chloranthus serratus and C. fortunei.’
    • ‘In the bagged experiment, fruitlet formation was never observed, suggesting that no agamospermy takes place, and that pollination is critical for fruit set.’


1930s from Greek agamos ‘unmarried’ + sperma ‘seed’.