Definition of age-appropriate in English:


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  • Suitable for a particular age or age group.

    ‘some of her outfits should be more age-appropriate’
    • ‘the organization provides age-appropriate materials for teachers to use in their classrooms’
    • ‘When planning your trip, be sure that the destination is age appropriate and engaging.’
    • ‘At the end, everyone is given cake, along with age-appropriate gift bags jammed with hats, mittens, books, and stuffed animals.’
    • ‘Naturally you need to make sure that the books are age appropriate.’
    • ‘Lawmakers in Washington State recently voted for age-appropriate, medically accurate sex education.’
    • ‘Many morns can't find age-appropriate clothes on the racks.’
    • ‘The dancer is 8 and should be performing to music that she can relate to and that is age appropriate.’
    • ‘Everyone's tired from running after their preschoolers, carpooling for early movement classes and planning age-appropriate birthday parties.’
    • ‘Depending upon their maturity and reading level, many teens become interested in literature intended for adults, but you can guide them to more age-appropriate books.’
    • ‘Though they now start teaching jazz at 8, they try to do it "in a tasteful, age-appropriate manner."’
    • ‘It's part of the rules: if the costumes are not age appropriate or there is offensive language in the music, we reflect it in the scores.’
    • ‘When working with middle school students, it is necessary to adapt these criteria so the language is age appropriate.’
    • ‘Each of Don's visits to his old flames - all played, for once, by age-appropriate actresses - is a perfectly wrought scene of emotional confusion and subtle regret.’
    • ‘Age-appropriate indoor and outdoor activities will keep them happy and entertained throughout the day, and evening events and programs will be available for children ages 9 - 16.’
    • ‘Such requirements may prevent competitions from turning into beauty pageants and ensure that costumes are age-appropriate for the many young girls who take part.’
    • ‘Give her age-appropriate restrictions on what she can do online, and set consequences if she violates the agreement.’
    • ‘Are the books your children are reading age appropriate?’
    • ‘Choosing the right film is a minefield; which ones are age appropriate?’
    • ‘Make sure that the toy is age appropriate - what is suitable for an older child may be unsafe for a younger child.’
    • ‘When they first started performing in schools, they had to tweak their performances to make them age appropriate.’
    • ‘A variety of age-appropriate exercises, games and community resources are offered to nurture a child's self-esteem as well as create empathy for all points of view.’