Definition of agender in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a particular gender.

    ‘one of the mistakes is the presumption that an agender person must also be asexual’
    • ‘their son is biologically male but identifies as agender and favors “they” as a pronoun’
    • ‘Some folks are gender-neutral, some are bi-gender, some are agender.’
    • ‘Fisher is a senior at a small private school, where the teen's agender identity fits seamlessly with the campus' liberal bent.’
    • ‘When he/she came out as agender to family members and teachers two years ago, it caused few ripples.’
    • ‘A person who identifies as agender: one day James, the next day Jamie, happy in her 190-pound body and curly red hair.’
    • ‘For example, an agender person could dress femme and still be agender.’
    • ‘This comic tells stories from the lives of an agender person, their wife, and their cats.’
    • ‘My relationship before my current one was with a fab agender person, who wears dresses, feminine coded makeup, and has long hair.’
    • ‘Having a sexual preference - whether it's liking guys with red hair, tall women, sports fans, or blue-eyed agender individuals - is fine.’



/āˈjendər/ /eɪˈdʒɛndər/