Definition of aggrandizement in English:


(British aggrandisement)


See aggrandize

  • ‘Too many leaders are in it for personal enrichment or aggrandizement, a show-me-the-money style of leadership that has led directly to today's landscape of wrecked corporations and indicted CEOs.’
  • ‘Long terms in the office have not done Africa any good, except ensuring personal aggrandisement and enrichment,’ he said.’
  • ‘This despite being part of a school system which demonstrably does not waste much of its money on bureaucracy and aggrandizement of its own honchos; the system has no trouble educating half of its students.’
  • ‘First, their countries seek no aggrandizement, territorial or other;’
  • ‘I fear the project will be another Millennium Dome - an over-ambitious monument to municipal aggrandizement which sets back arts funding in the borough for generations.’