Definition of aggregate fruit in English:

aggregate fruit


  • A fruit formed from several carpels derived from the same flower, e.g. a raspberry.

    ‘Although I well knew, of course, that in technical botanical language, the blackberry is not a berry at all, but an aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets.’
    • ‘Strawberry and blackberry are also aggregate fruits with the addition of an edible, enlarged receptacle.’
    • ‘They do not arise from a single flower as in aggregate fruits like raspberries and blackberries.’
    • ‘A blackberry is made up of many tiny, rounded, shiny berries stuck together - an aggregate fruit.’
    • ‘Tayberry fruit, like that of the raspberry and blackberry, is an aggregate fruit consisting of a collection of drupelets.’


aggregate fruit

/ˈaɡrəˌɡāt fro͞ot/ /ˈæɡrəˌɡeɪt frut/