Definition of agile gibbon in English:

agile gibbon


  • A gibbon with colour varying from light buff to black, found in SE Asia.

    Hylobates agilis, family Hylobatidae

    • ‘Nine of the 13 primate species of Borneo are found in the park, such as the distinctive proboscis monkey, the agile gibbon, the silvery leaf-eating monkey and the orangutan.’
    • ‘The great call of the female agile gibbon is somewhat similar to that of the female lar gibbon.’
    • ‘The long temporal tufts visible in the female are common in agile gibbons, but not in lar gibbons.’
    • ‘Once, I spent nine days tracking agile gibbons with a Japanese Ph.D research student in Kedah's Ulu Muda Forest and we never even got that close to the gibbons.’
    • ‘The average body mass for an adult male agile gibbon is around 5.8 kilograms, and for the female it is around 5.4 kilograms.’