Definition of agrimony in English:


nounplural noun agrimonies

  • A plant of the rose family bearing slender flower spikes and spiny fruits. Native to north temperate regions, it has been used traditionally in herbal medicine and dyeing.

    Genus Agrimonia, family Rosaceae: several species, in particular A. eupatoria, which has small yellow flowers

    ‘Other locally common tannin-rich plants include blackberry, raspberry, rose, lady's mantle, agrimony, meadowsweet, and strawberry (all members of the rose family), geraniums, purple loosestrife, and sumacs.’
    • ‘Examples of carbonizing herbs to stop bleeding are carbonized cattail pollen, carbonized human hair, carbonized agrimony and carbonized wormwood or mugwort.’
    • ‘To dry agrimony, spread out the leaves, flowers, and stems on a wire rack in a warm, shaded location.’
    • ‘European agrimony is found on dry, grassy hills and in woods.’
    • ‘Woodland agrimony is the smallest member of the Agrimonia genus in New York.’



/ˈaɡrəˌmōnē/ /ˈæɡrəˌmoʊni/


Late Middle English directly or (in early use) via Old French from Latin agrimonia, alteration of argemonia, from Greek argemōnē ‘poppy’.