Definition of agroforestry in English:



  • Agriculture incorporating the cultivation and conservation of trees.

    ‘One priority of the center is to develop efficient agricultural systems for agroforestry - the simultaneous production of animal forage, crops, and lumber on the same land.’
    • ‘The second entails adding a new productive element to a farm system, such as fish or shrimps in paddy rice, or agroforestry (where trees are grown with crops as an important crop themselves), which boosts food production and/or income.’
    • ‘Such efforts were to be pursued through the application of agroforestry, tree farming, and soil conservation technologies.’
    • ‘Trees are reappearing and agroforestry is on the march.’
    • ‘Where do you put your trees and your agroforestry so that you still retain the flow regimes in the rivers that you need?’
    • ‘Charlie had the imagination and vision to see the potential of agroforestry.’
    • ‘In all its projects, livestock grants are integrated into sustainable-agriculture programs, including controlled grazing, organic fertilization, terracing, agroforestry and reforestation.’
    • ‘Data from organic farming, appropriate technology, agroforestry, soil science, aquaculture, and a dozen other disciplines all support the techniques organized by permaculture.’
    • ‘Production of one class of product, woody decorative florals, is being tested in several agroforestry configurations.’
    • ‘For more information, interested readers may request a copy of the new publication series on agroforestry practices.’
    • ‘He said agroforestry could contribute towards alleviating the impact of HIV / AIDS and thereby increasing the well-being of farming households particularly in Southern Africa where droughts were prevalent.’
    • ‘‘We see in this case that agroforestry has helped women because their labor is so crucial,’ she said.’
    • ‘If organic gardening, solar power, agroforestry, and other disciplines can be thought of as tools, then permaculture is a toolbox in which they can be organized for best use.’
    • ‘Despite this scientific evidence, we continue to see governments around the world remove people from forests or prohibit them from pursuing their traditional tree-based agroforestry livelihoods.’
    • ‘The average investment of each agroforestry project was registered at about US $9 million, or US $8.5 million less than the overall average.’
    • ‘Whereas scientific research on agroforestry dates back at most two generations, this indigenous system is centuries, if not millennia, old.’
    • ‘The one major resource that the area did have to offer was beauty and so the well-treed island was turned into an income-generating campground, which would support an agroforestry project to examine higher yielding farming techniques.’
    • ‘German agroforester Harald Wedig has spent years developing an agroforestry system suitable for Europe's temperate climate by designing the layout of trees in a circular dome shape that mimics the edge of a natural forest.’
    • ‘Here, tree root length densities in four separate layers down a profile are modelled in relation to their competitive impact on neighbouring crop roots in four spatial zones of an inter-row agroforestry system.’
    • ‘Along with William, they oversee the agroforestry project, an orphancare program, a micro-loan program, a sewing cooperative, and other community projects which are funded with revenue from the camp.’



/ˌaɡrōˈfôrəstrē/ /ˌæɡroʊˈfɔrəstri/