Definition of agronomics in English:


plural noun

often treated as singular
  • The science of soil management and crop production.

    • ‘We eagerly converted more acres, tried more crops, and enthusiastically learned our way through the new agronomics and new beauracracy that organic certification brought.’
    • ‘In that book, the protagonist is a professor of agronomics at the University of California.’
    • ‘Geology, geography, and agronomics all study the earth, but their construction, their principle of scientific knowledge differs.’
    • ‘Probably the biggest benefit of variable-rate technology is that it lets us sell in terms of agronomics rather than just economics.’
    • ‘Experienced farmers will blend science, agronomics, economics and field histories with that indefinable intuitive sense and then will decide which crop will do best this year.’
    • ‘Agronomics and economics have been as important, if not more so, than politics when it comes to making corn decisions.’
    • ‘At the meetings, agronomics and marketing take equal share of attention.’
    • ‘Management companies take on the responsibility of marketing, accounting, human resources, agronomics and management through talented, trained people that a single course could not justify from an expense standpoint.’
    farm management, farming, agriculture, land management, agronomy, agronomics, agribusiness, cultivation, tillage


Mid 19th century from French agronomique, from agronome ‘agriculturist’ (see agronomy) + -ics.