Definition of agrostology in English:



  • The branch of botany concerned with grasses.

    ‘Hence, an agrostology project was thought to be a highly important option for the state.’
    • ‘The first stumbling block for most students is the specialized terminology of agrostology.’
    • ‘Her agrostology course at CSU was widely acclaimed and she was friends with Agnes Chase, the famous illustrator for A. S. Hitchcock's Manual of the Grasses of the United States.’
    • ‘Chase, Mary Agnes Meara, American botanist, widely regarded as an expert in agrostology, the study of grasses.’
    • ‘Agrostology is dedicated to the detailed study of the economically most important group of plants -- the grasses.’



/ˌaɡrəˈstäləjē/ /ˌæɡrəˈstɑlədʒi/


Mid 19th century from Greek agrōstis (denoting a kind of grass) + -logy.