Definition of aguardiente in English:



  • (in Spanish-speaking regions) a distilled liquor resembling brandy, especially as made in South America from sugar cane.

    ‘Beer and rum, including a fairly raw variety known as aguardiente are the most popular alcoholic drinks, although urban elites prefer Scotch whisky.’
    • ‘Depending on the style of the wine, sherry is fortified with grape spirit known as aguardiente to between 15.5 and 22 per cent.’
    • ‘Anisados aguardiente has the addition of aniseed.’
    • ‘In the sixteenth century, Sao Tome and Principe was the world's largest producer of sugar; now the little that is grown is turned into mind-numbing aguardiente.’
    • ‘A group of men drink aguardiente and sing boisterously near the water's edge to the accompaniment of a battered guitar.’



/ˌäɡwärˈdyentā/ /ˌɑɡwɑrˈdjɛnteɪ/


From Spanish, from agua ‘water’ + ardiente ‘fiery’.