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humorous Nautical
  • A call used to greet someone or draw attention to something from a distance.

    ‘ahoy there!’
    • ‘ship ahoy!’
    • ‘We didn't know what it was going to be like when we started, but as we got into it, more and more people, all the emails I get now instead of hi Peter, it's ahoy!’
    • ‘The ref blows for full time - golden goal or penalties ahoy!’
    • ‘It will be ship ahoy for the brave mum-of-two Marie next Tuesday as she takes up the Cabin Fever challenge on board a 90 ft Schooner ship.’
    • ‘Christmas ahoy: Christmas parties are the next big thing in the pipeline in the area.’
    • ‘I mean, this was a man who greeted somebody travelling in a land-based vehicle with the words ‘Well ahoy there.’’



/əˈhoi/ /əˈhɔɪ/


    land ahoy!
    • An exclamation announcing the sighting of land from a ship.

      ‘From high above the voice of a man hollered, ‘Land ahoy!’’
      • ‘Tempted by the memories of too many pirate movies as a kid, I shout, only a little maliciously, ‘Land ahoy!’’
      • ‘I am woken from my dreams as the lookout guards shout “Land Ahoy!” Britain is in sight.’
      • ‘Jimmy the lookout boy called “Land ahoy”!’
      • ‘On the morning of day 13, I called “Land Ahoy” as Antigua’s east coast hove into view.’


Mid 18th century from ah + hoy.