Definition of air dam in English:

air dam


  • A streamlining device below the front bumper of a vehicle; a front spoiler.

    ‘Nascar shouldn't make midseason rules changes, such as adding 2 inches to the front air dam or changing spoiler heights on some makes.’
    • ‘There's plenty of power being sent to the 16-inch all-season radials mounted on some very stylish alloy wheels, and the body-colored ground effects not only make the car look sweet, but the front air dam also doubles as a snow plow.’
    • ‘Distinctive features are the prominent grille, swooping headlamps and a deep air dam under the bumper.’
    • ‘The year is shown by the horn grilles which are black (previously silver), and the model by the mag wheels and the front air dam.’
    • ‘The front face incorporates clear headlamps and a wide air dam, and the large-diameter wheels sit close to each corner, under flared arches (smaller 15-inch, five-spoke aluminium wheels are an option).’
    • ‘Where the licence plate used to separate a rectangular grille above and an air dam below, the plate is now surrounded by a single chrome frame; Audi has simply connected the two rectangles.’
    • ‘The front air dam slams the track, and then the car turns good - left then right and over the crest of the hill.’
    • ‘They started by adding a hood scoop, along with front fascia upgrades, including integrated air ducts to direct air to the brakes, as well as an air dam to reduce lift.’
    • ‘It has large headlamps, a chrome grille and a deep air dam beneath an integral, colour-coded bumper.’
    • ‘What it is, is a very smart vehicle with a host of subtle design details - such as the double decker front lights, deep air dam and recessed door handles that meet in the middle.’
    • ‘‘Outside the box’ includes having the front tire on or over the outside line, having the front air dam on top or over the front line or having the rear tire on or outside the pit box line.’
    • ‘A new front end, featuring large, jewel-bright headlamps and a deep air dam housing new, circular foglights, is now fundamentally the same for both three and five-door models.’
    • ‘A massive air dam hugs the ground at the front, with fish-gill vents beside the twin fog lights to cool the massive brakes.’
    • ‘In addition, smaller xenon lights are mounted in the front air dam to illuminate the left and right areas immediately in front of the vehicle.’
    • ‘The lower part of the air dam is only a half-inch thick, then goes back 5 inches before reaching the bumper.’
    • ‘Glover was pleased the team was able to take the Michigan car, modify the air dam and still have the car run well.’
    • ‘External changes include three air intakes and a lipped front air dam integrated into the front bumper with two circular front fog-lamps.’
    • ‘The air dam change posed an interesting challenge for the first-year team and its rookie crew chief.’
    • ‘Prior to 1999, the rules stipulated that the front nose (really the valence, or air dam, beneath the nose) clear the roadway by five inches, and that the rear spoiler be five inches high.’
    • ‘In their spare time the two built glass fiber spoilers and air dams for Mercedes cars in their garage.’


air dam

/er dam/ /ɛr dæm/