Definition of air date in English:

air date


  • The date on which a recorded program is to be broadcast.

    ‘the scheduled air date required warp-speed production’
    • ‘Despite their disparate original airdates, Paramount is releasing the series in its production order, so these two episodes, shown months apart, are bundled together.’
    • ‘The airdates of these two shows has not been decided.’
    • ‘They have chosen an airdate I think the second week in December.’
    • ‘These shows depend on contestants remaining mum about the show's outcome until the airdate.’
    • ‘TV critics were aghast and the episode was pulled from its intended airdate of 14th March 1985.’
    • ‘The exact airdate has not yet been set, but expect it to appear on the Fox network sometime between March and May of 2002.’
    • ‘Producer Danny Schechter writes about his attempt to get a national PBS airdate.’
    • ‘On the flip side though, I am glad that they ordered the episodes according to airdate rather than production order.’
    • ‘These shows are not the happy accidents they want you to think they are - thought up days before airdate and rushed through production in last-minute modification manner.’
    • ‘Presented across six discs in airdate order, the episodes of Season One are listed below with brief comments and a quick letter grade.’