Definition of air horn in English:

air horn


  • A powerful horn that produces sound by means of compressed air.

    ‘Instead, I waited patiently for the impatient truck driver behind her to give her a blast on his air horn.’
    • ‘Even the truckers acknowledged the quality of their performance by blowing air horns in applause.’
    • ‘Every child who goes through the turnstiles on Saturday will be presented with a brand new, free air horn.’
    • ‘On no account should there be any overspeeding, overtaking or the use of air horns.’
    • ‘Soon, I heard a train air horn wail downtown.’
    • ‘The 3-4 age group took off at the sound of the air horn to collect the eggs in their division.’
    • ‘Only a dog's faint bark or the occasional musical air-horn of a lorry at the junction would break the tranquillity.’
    • ‘The phrases noted above are like blasts from an air horn or plastic trumpet, blaring technical correctness.’
    • ‘We have had several announcements about banning of air horns or double horns or multi-toned horns to check air pollution.’
    • ‘The air horn sounds a blast that can be heard over the roar of aircraft engines.’
    • ‘The air was cool and each sound of a train air horn excited me.’
    • ‘After a forty-five minutes delay the lights came on and the familiar two blasts of the air horns sounded and we began to roll.’
    • ‘Several of the group was carrying placards and others were blowing whistles and air horns.’
    • ‘For about 30 minutes they parade around and around with lights blazing and air-horns blaring.’
    • ‘Vehicular horns are also a major source of sound pollution, as the law only prohibits the use of air-horns within city limits.’
    • ‘Fireworks were set off over the family home and airhorns sounded outside in the middle of the night.’
    • ‘The officials on their part should vigilantly keep a tab on drivers for drunken driving, over-speeding, hooting the air horn, refusing to dip the head light etc.’
    • ‘I get so excited at the sound of that air horn so far off down the tracks.’
    • ‘This combat goes on for a few curious minutes before an air horn signals a change in the drill rotation.’
    • ‘Someone in the back is blowing an airhorn.’